At La Poma we are firmly committed to sustainability and excellence in service, aligning ourselves with the principles of the distinctive Barcelona Sustainable Gastronomy.
To this end, we collaborate with entities with social purposes to ensure better use of the food produced not consumed by customers, thus contributing to the reduction of food waste. Our menus are configured to offer a safe, balanced and attractive gastronomic offer, guaranteeing that our staff has the necessary training on food allergies and intolerances.
We adopt an inclusive approach in our communications, establishing guidelines for the use of non-sexist or discriminatory language of any kind. In addition, we ensure maximum water savings in our facilities and use energy-efficient equipment in lighting and air conditioning, thus guaranteeing energy savings. We strive to ensure that our staff in contact with clientele knows and recommends local cuisine, including wines and dishes available in our offer. At Restaurante La Poma, we prioritize the use of seasonal products in our gastronomic offering taking into account our location in a Mediterranean area and we have eliminated all single-use plastic from our commercial operation. Finally, we constantly monitor customer satisfaction, including sustainability aspects, and take necessary corrective measures to maintain and improve our standards.
These actions reflect our firm commitment to sustainability and quality, essential to offering a responsible and high-quality dining experience.

Welcome to a restaurant committed to sustainability